Protect Your Business from Phishing and Smishing Attacks

Enhance Phishing and Smishing Detection Skills Across Your Team with Our SaaS Solution.

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Phishmanager helps you find out your staff’s level of security awareness without risking a hack:

  • Improve understanding of security and risk issues, including Phishing, Smishing and ransomware
  • Promote Safe Practices at Low Cost
  • Transform Your Workforce into an Early Detection System for Real Phishing Emails

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How it works

Understanding our easy to use service


Getting Started

Choose from hundreds of Phishing and Smishing templates or design your own.

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The "Attack" Begins

Schedule your campaign in simple 3 clicks. You can even simulate attachments with malware.


Watch How They React

Get a real-time view of how your staff responds to the phishing attack. Will they take the bait or will they remember their security training and report the Email?


Analyze and Improve

Observe Improved Security Awareness Across Your Team as They Recognize and Proactively Report Suspicious Emails

Benefits of Phishmanager

Educate Employees​

Educate Employees

Your staff learns essential skills for detecting and thwarting phishing attacks. Security seminars may keep them aware for a few weeks, but recurring simulated Emails from Phishmanager keeps them alert and ready at all times.

Empower Employees​​

Empower Employees

Turn employees into your first line of defense against hackers. Emails reported as suspicious are sent directly to your IT security team, improving response time to latest threats.

Collect Data On Your Risk Level​

Collect Data on your Risk Level

Track the Improvement of Security Awareness in Your Business with Our Solution’s Dashboard and Extensive Statistics, Scoring, and Reporting Functionality.

Return On Investment​

Return on Investment

The average Cost of a Spear Phishing Incident for mid-size companies is $1.6Mn. Statistics show that anti-phishing training programs have at least a seven-fold return on investment , even taking into account the loss of productivity during the time the employees spent being trained.

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USD 7200

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Multi-year discount available*
SAAS platform access
1 administrative user
Large attack scenario library
Report phishing button
Online training modules (basic)


USD 7499

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Everything in BASIC, plus
Online training modules (FULL)
URL shortener
Simulate Malicious Attachments
Multiple administrator accounts


Starts at USD 12999

(billed annually)

Everything in PRO, plus
Smishing (SMS-based) attacks
Typosquatting Detection corporate domains
Managed service*