Domain Typosquatting Detection

Typosquatting definition

What is typosquatting? Also known as URL hijacking, typosquatting is when a bad actor registers a domain name that is an intentionally misspelled version of your corporate website. This is a type of social engineering attack used by cyber attackers that directly targets your customers and impacts your business reputation

Typosquatting examples include:

• A misspelling based on typos or pronunciation:
• A differently phrased domain name:
• A different top-level domain:

Security Risks and Implications

• Typosquat domains are often used to retrieve sensitive information such as username, password, social security number, bank account and credit card details.
• Tricking users into downloading and executing ransomware, spyware or other malicious programs. These programs may breach their network security, steal important data or record the keystrokes.
• Redirecting web traffic to a malicious or competitor’s website.
• The attacker can earn money by using the website to collect advertisement revenue.
• The above risks can also lead to Reputational damage for your business because of misattribution.

How PhisManager can help

Phishmanager Enterprise edition includes:

Typosquatting Detection for all your corporate domains
Our Enterprise solution is constantly monitoring for copycats and will send you automated email alerts. It’s best to know about Typosquatters as early as possible.
• Depending on the registrar and Top Level Domain of the copycat we may be able to assist in requesting a take down of the Typosquatted domain.

Typosquatting Detection - Phish Manager