Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about PhishManager Services

By training staff to recognize and report suspicious emails they are less likely to fall for real phishing attacks. Reported suspicious emails that are not ours will be forwarded to your IT-security team and used as input for further investigation. This means employees are  also crowdsourcing detection of phishing mails that have slipped through existing controls.

There are no silver bullets in Cyber Security. Targeted Spear-phishing attacks can still get through despite firewalls and other defense mechanisms. Malicious third parties may deviate from known tactics and patterns to evade controls of security products. Research has also shown the benefits of security education.

Yes, we offer all prospective clients the opportunity to test the system. Please contact us and we will gladly demo the system, answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a trial account.

PhishManager is a web application that is accessed through your browser. With the exception of the reporting plugin for outlook, nothing else requires installation.

PhishManager is very easy to use and does not require security expertise.

Our experts will provide you with a roadmap and some initial training/assistance for your administrator to get up and running within hours. The actual length of time also depends on your email environment.

We have 3 tiers: Basic, Pro and Enterprise each with increasingly more functionality. Additionally we provide multi-year discounts (10% for 2 years, 20% for 3 years).

Please contact us and we can see how we can work together in delivering excellence to your customers.