PhishManager is a privately held company founded by cybersecurity professionals with over a decade of experience in performing security tests for institutions in the financial sector, healthcare and government.
From data leaks to ransomware; cyber criminals are increasingly using phishing as their initial attack vector for compromising organizations. PhishManager aims to help organizations reduce the chance of compromise by cyber criminals.


Our mission is to reduce the risk of business compromise by turning your employees from “potential victims” to trained defenders who “question before clicking”.


  • PhishManager is your platform for security awareness training. Our on-demand training teaches your staff how to recognize and report cybersecurity threats.
  • These newly learned security skills are then put to the test by periodic social engineering attacks in the form of simulated phishing or smishing. We help you keep your users informed and alert. With our integrated platform you can train and phish your users and get measurable results including the percentage of staff likely to fall for phishing attacks and statistics on how security awareness is growing.
  • Our platform also helps staff bring to light real phishing emails that have survived spam filters or other controls.

The PhishManager platform is user-friendly, very cost-effective and helps clients reduce risk and achieve cybersecurity objectives. We have a large and constantly growing library of attack scenario’s.


Our platform was designed to be the most easy-to-use platform available, it takes only 3 clicks to launch your first phishing campaign. For customers who prefer even more simplicity we also offer a managed service where one of our representatives takes all remaining work out of your hands.

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