PhishManager is a leading provider of cybersecurity training and solutions. Our team, composed of experienced professionals, has a track record of successfully performing security tests for financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

We understand that cybercriminals are increasingly using phishing as their primary attack vector to compromise organizations, which is why we created PhishManager to help businesses reduce their risk of compromise.


Our mission is to transform employees from potential victims into trained defenders who know how to recognize and report cyber threats. We achieve this through our platform, which offers on-demand training and simulated phishing and Smishing attacks to test and improve users’ security awareness.


Our platform was designed to be the most easy-to-use platform available, it takes only 3 clicks to launch your first phishing campaign. Our platform is user-friendly and cost-effective, making it easy for clients to achieve their cybersecurity objectives. Plus, with a constantly growing library of attack scenarios and the option for a fully managed service, we offer simplicity and convenience for our customers.

PhishManager: Your Platform for Security Awareness Training

  • On-Demand Training Teaches Your Staff to Recognize and Report Cybersecurity Threats
  • Test Your Staff’s New Security Skills with Simulated Phishing and Smishing Attacks
  • Monitor and Evaluate Progress in Security Awareness with PhishManager
  • PhishManager Helps Your Staff Uncover Real Phishing Emails That Have Passed Spam Filters and Other Controls
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