Simulate Smishing Attacks

Smishing Definition

Smishing” or “SMS phishing” refers to the use cell phone text messages to scam the recipient. Smishing attacks typically invite the user to click a link, call a phone number, or contact an email address provided by the attacker via SMS message.

Security Risks and Implications

  • The attacker will often impersonate a legitimate institution like a bank or a branch of government.
  • An attacker in the possession of a list of phone numbers of the employees of a company, may use this data to perform a targeted attack to trick your co-workers into logging in to a fake corporate website. Having harvested a valid set of corporate credentials the attacker would then have an entry point to further compromising the corporate network.

Benefits of our solution

  • Yes with Phishmanager you can launch simulated Smishing campaigns against your employees on their corporate mobile phones.
  • We can offer this together with phishing or as a separate Smishing-only solution.
  • On-demand Security awareness training to educate employees on how to detect smishing and reduce risk.
  • We have a large library of smishing scenario’s in different languages, ready to use.
  • Reduce the chance of your company becoming a victim of Smishing.

Want to better defend your business against Smishing attacks?

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Smishing attack simulation - Phish Manager