FluBot Smishing compromises 9000 phones

Smishing attack simulation - Phish Manager

The Belgian government reports that a malicious SMS impersonating the Belgian postal service has compromised at least 9000 android phones.

Smishing is a social engineering attack using SMS. In this smishing attack the recipients were instructed to visit a link regarding a postal package in transit. The hyperlink directs the user to a URL containing a fake Belgian Post app containing the FluBot-malware.

FluBot Malware

FluBot is a banking Trojan that attempts to steal data to commit banking fraud. After installation FluBot is able to intercept and send SMS, read the contacts list, call phone numbers and disable Google Play Protect.

“At least 9000 users clicked on their smartphone on the link and downloaded the app. Their device is infected with a dangerous virus that causes a lot of damage and spreads to the contacts of the victim”

Belgian Federal Cyber Emergency Team.

Earlier this year both the British National Cyber Security Center and the German Government published similar warnings against FluBot malware attacks.


  • Never install a mobile app from a link in a SMS. Postal services will usually provide you with a tracking code that you can enter after browsing to their website.
  • On Android don’t install apps from unknown sources. Only use the official Play Store.
  • Always keep your smartphone OS up to date with the latest patches.
  • If compromised reset your device to factory standards. Note that this will result in loss of all data on the device.

Recommendations for businesses

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