Phishmanager Offers Businesses a New Approach to Protection from Hacking and Phishing Attacks


Training employees to have a high level of security is now possible through Phishmanager. This company has the sole purpose of helping company staff develop awareness against hacking and phishing. They work with businesses all over the globe to encourage a knowledge of security risks at an affordable price.

Phishmanager trains staff and employees to recognize and report suspicious emails through a combination of on-demand training and simulated phishing attacks. With this platform, employees are less likely to fall for real phishing attacks that could negatively impact the business. Employees will become crowd-sourcing detectors of phishing emails that have slipped through existing controls. These suspicious emails will be forwarded to the client’s IT security team as input for further investigation.

The company offers clients hundreds of prewritten phishing scenario’s that have been spotted in the wild. Through Phishmanager, the client can also simulate Email attachments with ransomware. According to a Coveware report, the median ransomware payment was $110,532 in Q3 of 2020, making it worth training your staff against this common and costly type of attack.

Clients receive a real-time view of how employees respond to the phishing attack. With the help of a few campaigns, Phishmanager guarantees heightened security awareness and proactive reporting. Employees will learn not just to detect phishing attacks but also how to keep the business and themselves safe from cyber criminals. Frequent faux-attack Emails from Phishmanager keeps them alert and ready at all times.

“Our solution includes a dashboard, extensive statistics, scoring and reporting functionality to track how security awareness is improving in your business. We offer all prospective clients the opportunity to test the system. Please contact us, and we will gladly give you a demo of the system, answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a trial account“, says a spokesperson for Phishmanager.

Phishmanager is a growing business with multiple clients testifying great and quick results. The company aims to provide a safeguard against online attacks that are as dangerous. They urge clients to think of this as an investment in the future of their own businesses.

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