Simulated Smishing: Improve Security Awareness and Reduce Risk

Simulated smishing campaigns against employees can help with security awareness and reduce the risks of security incidents. Smishing is a type of phishing attack that uses SMS text messages to trick people into giving away sensitive information or installing malware on their devices.

Smishing attack simulation - Phish Manager

Smishing Awareness Training

One of the most effective ways to protect against smishing attacks is to educate employees about the risks and how to recognize and avoid them. This is where simulated smishing campaigns can be incredibly valuable. By sending fake smishing messages to employees and then tracking how they respond, companies can identify gaps in their security awareness training and address them before a real attack occurs.

Some companies are already using simulated phishing campaigns to help improve their employees’ security awareness. These campaigns typically involve sending fake phishing emails to employees and then tracking how they respond. If an employee falls for the fake email and clicks on a malicious link or enters sensitive information, they are provided with additional training to help them avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Simulated Phishing vs. Smishing Attacks

While simulated phishing campaigns can be effective, they may not be enough to protect against smishing attacks. This is because smishing messages often look more legitimate than phishing emails, and they can be harder to detect. For this reason, companies may want to consider simulating smishing attacks as well to increase their employees’ awareness of this specific threat.

According to a recent study, smishing attacks have increased by more than 300% over the past year. This is a concerning trend that highlights the need for companies to take steps to protect themselves and their employees against this type of attack. By simulating smishing campaigns and providing employees with the training they need to recognize and avoid these attacks, companies can reduce their risk of falling victim to a real smishing attack.

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PhishManager helps businesses increase their defenses against phishing attacks. Our service uses on-demand training and simulated smishing to train your staff to recognize and properly respond to suspicious messages. By helping your staff attain practical security awareness skills, we also give you insights into the risk profile of your business and significantly lower the chances of compromise by cyber criminals.