Phishmanager launches program for B2B resellers to expand their service offerings

Shared goals

Phishmanager has announced the launch of a reseller program that enables B2B resellers to offer the company’s services to their customers. The security awareness and phishing simulation platform helps businesses educate staff on how to detect phishing and other security threats with online training.

“We at Phishmanager are looking forward to partnering up with professional Resellers that want to expand their offering and provide value to their end customers in the United States and Europe. Phishing remains one of the top security threats for companies worldwide. By partnering up, we are hoping to reach an even wider audience in the B2B landscape and to continue delivering on our mission to educate and train employees and protect businesses from security breaches

says a spokesperson for Phishmanager

To ensure knowledge acquisition and retention, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) company conducts periodic simulated phishing attacks, utilizing pre-written scenarios that serve as fire drills for keeping employees constantly aware of the nature and dangers of phishing. 

Although the $123 billion software as a service (SaaS) market is largely driven by self-service and sales assisted channels, partner marketing channels such as affiliate, referral, and reseller programs are beginning to show increasing capabilities of driving substantial amounts of incremental sales.

For B2B resellers looking to grow their businesses, expanding their business offerings by including additional services is a great way to increase profitability, expand their market, and also diversify income. 

Phishmanager’s reseller program is not a white label reseller program. The company, as well as its service, will retain its original name, and B2B resellers will be required to expressly make it clear to their customers that the services belong to Phishmanager. 

Resellers will however receive a commission from simply making the service available to their customers under the reseller program. 

All marketing materials and support literature will also be provided for the B2B resellers by Phishmanager as well as its support desk to handle all technical support with the end customer.

The move by Phishmanager offers B2B resellers increased profits via sales-based commissions without any technical participation on their part.

B2B resellers can also take advantage of this program at zero upfront cost as all they need to incorporate Phismanager’s solutions into their offerings will be included in the partnership.